Moving Forward! Step by Step

Last blog post, which was posted on February 8th,  I excused myself for having a “Monday Meltdown”.  Something occurred that left me unable to write, and I was like a deer caught in headlights.  No longer able to fight and no longer able to run, my words came out in mish-mash sentences.  Other times I was hitting the delete button.


So, here I am, no matter what time it is on Monday, I am breaking a 10 several week non-post fast and writing for my Monday School. (Actually, this blog post was first published into cyberspace on April 19th 12:01 AM Tuesday, yet I never posted it on Vickie’s Grin Facebook because it wasn’t quite finished. It still isn’t.)

Similar to all my blog posts,  I reserve the right to add content and make changes, as I see fit. This is a work in progress — not a work “engraved in stone.” I will add more detail later and post these updates onto my FB page.

Have you noticed that Monday School Blog is starting to resemble something more like a pilot program? I have.

In the world of Mormonism, if I was a Sunday School teacher, I would have been released from my calling for not being prepared and coming to class. In the business world, I would have been fired by my boss for not showing up. In my world of healing from Mormonism and polygamy, I am learning to take it easy and forgive myself.

For several weeks. I thought about simply telling my story in one-line sentences on pieces of paper, like others do in social media who believe they have been wronged.  That way I would be done with it.

After re-thinking, Mormonism and polygamy deserve an entire website of their very own.  Polygamy is not only a Utah problem, the majority of the world practices polygamy.

A very good case can be made against polygamy. And, what better time to write (this will be a learning experience for me, as well) when Kody Brown & plural wives have just announced that they are taking their polygamy case to the Supreme Court.

The only exception: No Monday School blog days will occur whenever my health, or the health of a family member, needs attention. (That could mean physical or mental health).  It could also mean that I am on vacation, and doing preventative care.

Taking a nature walk.

Now what led up to  “Monday Meltdown” and why did I disappear from my calling as Monday School teacher?

(to be continued . . .)







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  1. Harry Dschaak says:

    It’s been 10 weeks?

    Boy, that’s almost as long as summer vacation. (Oh well. Call it Spring Break )

    On the subject of hitting the wall, I’m always amazed how there’s no getting around it. It might make a person feel better if after he (or she) is able to pick themselves up if there was even a crack in it.


    Pretty solid still.

    What to do?

    Run for Attorney General in a State where you can’t stand to visit much less live there?

    I don’t think anyone could ever improve on John Llewellyn’s book, “Polygamy’s Rape of Rachael Strong” so writing another heart breaking book seems like a perfectly good exercise in wheel spinning…

    How about a documentary?

    Oh, yeah… I forgot. There are already a dozen of those out there that treat polygamy like a sub culture in the New Guinean jungle… shhh! (We don’t want to upset the natives— oh look, there’s a pregnant 10 year old carrying a large water jug on her head! Do you think her unemployed father is the daddy of her baby or was it her white haired toothless uncle? Oh well, I guess if it’s part of the culture it’s okay… Is that a whole chicken in the soup?)

    It’s frustrating.

    The primer.

    The safety net.

    The goddamned “wall”.

    Canada did their homework and we even helped them gather testimonies to base their rulings on, but heaven forbid we here in God’s Country ever read the Damn thing.

    Utah is a safe haven for religious human traffuckers, just like Llewellyn described it.

    Utah (LDS) legislators cannot bring themselves to call polygamy a crime, much less a sin, regardless of who gets hurt, or how many lives get ravaged along the way. Why?

    Because someone (not a Canadian Judge) told them that polygamy is the higher law, and the lifestyle of the Gods.


    Get rested up. The battle against religious human trafficking will get easier once the right child dies or the right Merry Miss goes missing, before she is found permanently sacrificed to Joseph Smith’s God.

    Tragedy is the starting point of turning over new leaves…

    (… and sick leaves, heh, heh)


    • admin says:


      Elizabeth Smart could have almost been that child.

      I almost included the personal e-mail response that you wrote me. Remember? The one that you wrote after I shared my letter to the Tribune with you. Your e-mail response snapped me out of ever wanting to write to the SL Trib or an AG again. I woke up.

      You wrote (if you don’t mind): “I saw pictures of plygs protesting for their right to harm children and undermine the social structure and it made me want to move to Canada. I get it that these people wouldn’t be alive if it had not been for religious based human trafficking, but that doesn’t mean we have to pardon a rapist (or condone rape) if the victim gets pregnant and the baby goes full term. I have no faith in Utah legislators. (Mormon or not) The place is infected with some weird strain of unholy holiness. I can see where the notion of Noah and a great flood got it’s inspiration.

      As always Harry, your thoughts and writing are an inspiration to me.

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