Letter to Utah Attorney General Supporting Appeal of Decriminalization of Polygamy

In 2014, I wrote a letter to Utah Attorney Sean Reyes in support of appealing the Brown polygamy case which decriminalized the crime of polygamy.  I gave factual examples of the pervasive abuse and sent books with terrifying true accounts as well. These stories were not the exception – they were the norm. To read the letter, CLICK HERE.  The letter also included several attachments (below):

Polygamy’s Rape of Rachael Strong

Polygamy's Rape of Rachel Strong

“I am submitting a book that Tapestry’s Advisor John Llewellyn wrote, “Polygamy’s Rape of Rachel Strong: Protected Environment for Predators,” about our interactions with the former Attorney General’s office. Included in the book is a polygamy case that was put together for the AG’s office, in which a victim, Rachael Strong, was willing to testify. The book tells how Rachael was not only raped by her step-father, but by the religion behind polygamy, and how and why the AG’s office turned her case down. It also explains “Utah’s new movement to decriminalize polygamy.” (As you will notice, the book was published in 2006. Decriminalization has been in the works for quite some time).”

God’s Brothel

God's Brothel

“I am also enclosing a copy of “God’s Brothel: The Extortion of Sex for Salvation in Contemporary Mormon and Christian Fundamentalist Polygamy and the Stories of 18 Women Who Escaped” by Andrea Moore-Emmett. The founding members of Tapestry are included at the beginning.”

Support from Utah Attorney’s Office & Utah Senators

“Through the efforts of former Senator Ron Allen and supporters, the book was passed to the Senate. One of the Attorney General’s polygamy investigators, Ron Barton, wrote a positive review in the Salt Lake Tribune about the book, encouraging others to read it.” Utah Attorney General’s Investigator Ron Barton

Letter from Utah's AG office lead polygamy investigator

Letter from Utah’s AG office lead polygamy investigator

Utah Senator Ron Allen

Senator Ron Allen

Appreciate to Tapestry for assistance with SB 99 & SB 8.

Utah Senator Scott Howell

Senator Howell Reference Letter

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Knowlton

Kristine Knowlton copy

Kristine Knowlton Assistant Attorney General support letter for Tapestry.

Anne Wilde representative on Utah Attorney General’s Safety Net encourages my daughter to live polygamy:

“Besides our organization meeting with Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and some of his staff members, on several occasions, I also personally contacted the AG’s office to warn them about some of the plural wives he had invited on the “Safety Net” committee. One of Paul Murphy’s “friends” (his own description) is Anne Wilde, a former friend of mine, who along with her husband helped convert my husband and me into polygamy. In my opinion, Anne Wilde is a polygamy-dealer; she and her deceased husband Ogden Kraut, have converted more Independent fundamentalist Mormons into polygamy than anyone else. Ogden was a polygamist, who wrote at least sixty books, while Anne assisted. (http://ogdenkraut.com/OrderbyEmail.html). Anne Wilde was also partly responsible for helping make connections between polygamists and producers from “Big Love” and “Sister Wives”. As a plural wife, she arranged for me to be on a French documentary filmed at her house with my polygamist husband, and my sister-wife. She also tried to arrange for us to be on the Maury Povich show, but I was transitioning out of polygamy, and would not do it. (The deceased) Ogden Kraut, Anne Wilde’s husband, did not write sixty books for himself. He wrote to convert members of the LDS Church, and others into Mormon fundamentalism. Similarly, Ogden’s wife Anne felt a similar mission to “defend the principle” and decriminalize polygamy; she was elated when she was able to call Paul Murphy by his first name (“Polygamy’s Rape of Rachael Strong” p. 34).”

No explanation needed!

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