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January 21, 2017 at the  Sacramento Capitol in California (source unknown)

Is there a scripture that says, “love thy neighbor as thyself”?


Sharing the day with others











This blog post is about togetherness.  I don’t know who had the idea first of singing the Hamilton song “Dear Theodosia” — together.  Probably Angelina.  She loves singing more than I do.  Or, maybe it was me. I definitely wanted to do something positive for inauguration day. 


Strategizing our goals at Starbucks


One goal down — our song “Dear Theodosia”

Before we started a singing project, I told Angelina we must “get on the bus together and get off together”—no quitting. I was concerned she would get impatient with me during our singing journey because when it comes to music she is a fast learner, and I am slower.  I didn’t want her to give up on me.  

I had a statistics professor in college, who was from Japan (a collectivist society), and whose syllabus and introduction was very different from any of my other professors.  His teaching philosophy was made clear at the very beginning of class — “We are going to get on the (statistics) bus together and get off together.”  

He explained that some students would pick up the lessons faster than others, but he wanted everyone to succeed;  so we used a buddy system, and it worked.  I ended up having surgery that semester,  and was very grateful for his teaching style.

Angelina is my strength

So we worked together, and I let Angelina take charge. 

When my daughter was in fifth grade, her school rented a music hall downtown so the students could perform. As we were driving up to park, Angelina told me she was singing a solo.  There were over 200 people there, and when she sang it was angelic—not a quiver in her voice.  She was relaxed as could be.  To say the least, I am more comfortable when I am singing with Angelina. 

There is a long singing part that Angelina has before I come in, and all I could think was, “O-H . . . N-O . . .  If I mess up, we are going to have to go all the way back to the beginning, and do it all over again.”  My mind started racing — “She will be so mad.”

Before recording the song, I knew all the places in the song that I had difficulty with, and so I watched her hands as she played the piano and sang; simultaneously prompting me to come in (whoever said that Millennials aren’t geniuses!)  I tried not to think about how making one error would send us (not me, us) right back to the beginning.  I had an “all or nothing ticker-tape” playing in my head.   

Then, on the third try, we finished it and as imperfect as it is with the vibration in the background, and mistakes, I am going to leave it on Sound Cloud.  (We can record another version later).  

I cried after hearing the recording because it was a release of so much pain and tension from my past — performing “perfection” for God, husband, etc..

I am letting go. 

I also got emotional listening to the recording because  of happiness. Angelina is learning to live for herself, and not to live (perform) for someone else.  I believe that is true for all my children.

Motherhood has been a journey, and I am grateful my children and I have stayed on the bus together.  I appreciate their support. 

Love unites us, and our differences make us stronger

Our singing project, was also my personal way of FIRING IT UP and saying, “I will not give up on our nation.”  I hope this experience reminds me and teaches Angelina to love ALL.  We can learn to be respectful of others during the most difficult times.  We can achieve the unimaginable. It really is okay to disagree, express ourselves, and then get back to business.  (Not crooked business).  

I saw this video yesterday, a story from former President Obama.  If you haven’t watched it, it goes along very well with this blog post.  It is a reminder to stay strong, and to never be afraid of using your voice…fire it up!







We, the People, will move together and get over this bump in the road.



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