Gary & Vicky engagement-1         Salt Lake Temple December 28, 1981

1981 – Left: A wedding announcement photo of Victoria Anne Prunty & Gary Charles Batchelor that my mother had in her collection of family memoirs. Right: December 28, 1981 SL Temple


This photo was taken by Ogden Kraut in 1990.

This photo was taken by Ogden Kraut in 1990.

1990 – Journal entry from Oct 3 1990 wanting to dissolve my plural marriage to Gary. The Morrison family are Mary’s family members who attended and officiated in her marriage to Gary.



family polygamy photo

1991 – Gary, Vicky & Mary (& my four children)


Seeing my sister off on her mission

1992- The Caretaker-Rose poem   Near the beginning of my spiritual plural marriage to Chris he wrote a poem.  After Chris wrote the caretaker part, I included the rose part.  The poem describes a needy-wife relationship.

1992- Johnny’s Dog   Chris describes finding me (Johnny’s Dog), and wondering if he would have to give me back to my owner (Husband #1- Gary).


1993- Chris’s letter to Gary  Chris writes a letter to husband #1 Gary to find out if he is willing to accept me back, and allow me my free-agency.

1993 – Children’s Book Vicky writes a book to help her children understand why she left their father.

1993 – Chris & our daughter Grass Valley, California

1993- Card from Chris to Vicky  inside card after I moved to Grass Valley, California.

1993 Card from Chris p,1inside card

1993 – Chris love letter to Vicky  p. 2 Chris wants to continue relationship from afar

1993 – Chris letter to Vicky p.2

1993- Mistress: I tried to figure out what relationship I wanted/or had with Chris, and decided that the definition of “Mistress” fit best.  Although Chris seemed happy flying in & out– I wasn’t.  I tried to look at the positive-side in my new role, and realized I wasn’t happy. I enlarged the definition of “Mistress” and put it in a frame and kept it on my entertainment center.  This is the original.

Mistress definition

August 1993 Letter to Vicky  p. 2 p.3  Chris explains his ideal male & female relationship

1993 – Parable of the Horse & Master p. 2  Chris tells a parable for his former&/wives

1993 – Letter explaining Parable of Horse & Master p. 2 Chris explains the parable to Vicky


Uncertain of date – I Was A Fanatic Chris explains his version of meeting my former family.

January  1994 – Chris Husband and Wife  Chris explains his husband & wife philosophy

March 1994 – Letter to Stake President p. 2 p. 3 p. 4 Letter to LDS Stake President about re-baptism

April 1994 “Why I Lived Polygamy” Chris explains why he lived polygamy

1994- Chris’s letter to Vicky  Chris takes in another woman, admits hurting & lies

1994 – Chris’s letter to Vicky  Chris extends an invitation to Vicky


Sept. 5 1996 – “Flight From Polygamy” Vicky’s Story

1996- Chris’s response to “Flight From Polygamy” p. 2 Chris’s response to article written about me




Leaving Polygamy – Me. It’s now 2015!! There were hard times leaving polygamy, yet it was worth it!!   Prevention and specialized services for those leaving polygamy are still very much needed.







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