Gary & Vicky engagement-1         Salt Lake Temple December 28, 1981

1981 – Left: A wedding announcement photo of Victoria Anne Prunty & Gary Charles Batchelor that my mother had in her collection of family memoirs. Right: December 28, 1981 SL Temple


This photo was taken by Ogden Kraut in 1990.

This photo was taken by Ogden Kraut in 1990.

1990 – Journal entry from Oct 3 1990 wanting to dissolve my plural marriage to Gary. The Morrison family are Mary’s family members who attended and officiated in her marriage to Gary.



family polygamy photo

1991 – Gary, Vicky & Mary (& my four children)



1992- The Caretaker-Rose poem   Near the beginning of my spiritual plural marriage to Chris he wrote a poem.  After Chris wrote the caretaker part, I included the rose part.  The poem describes a needy-wife relationship.

1992- Johnny’s Dog   Chris describes finding me (Johnny’s Dog), and wondering if he would have to give me back to my owner (Husband #1- Gary).


1993- Chris’s letter to Gary  Chris writes a letter to husband #1 Gary to find out if he is willing to accept me back, and allow me my free-agency.

1993 – Children’s Book Vicky writes a book to help her children understand why she left their father.

1993 – Chris & our daughter Grass Valley, California

1993- Card from Chris to Vicky  inside card after I moved to Grass Valley, California.

1993 Card from Chris p,1inside card

1993 – Chris love letter to Vicky  p. 2 Chris wants to continue relationship from afar

1993 – Chris letter to Vicky p.2

1993- Mistress: I tried to figure out what relationship I wanted/or had with Chris, and decided that the definition of “Mistress” fit best.  Although Chris seemed happy flying in & out– I wasn’t.  I tried to look at the positive-side in my new role, and realized I wasn’t happy. I enlarged the definition of “Mistress” and put it in a frame and kept it on my entertainment center.  This is the original.

Mistress definition

August 1993 Letter to Vicky  p. 2 p.3  Chris explains his ideal male & female relationship

1993 – Parable of the Horse & Master p. 2  Chris tells a parable for his former&/wives

1993 – Letter explaining Parable of Horse & Master p. 2 Chris explains the parable to Vicky


Uncertain of date – I Was A Fanatic Chris explains his version of meeting my former family.

January  1994 – Chris Husband and Wife  Chris explains his husband & wife philosophy

March 1994 – Letter to Stake President p. 2 p. 3 p. 4 Letter to LDS Stake President about re-baptism

April 1994 “Why I Lived Polygamy” Chris explains why he lived polygamy

1994- Chris’s letter to Vicky  Chris takes in another woman, admits hurting & lies

1994 – Chris’s letter to Vicky  Chris extends an invitation to Vicky


Sept. 5 1996 – “Flight From Polygamy” Vicky’s Story

1996- Chris’s response to “Flight From Polygamy” p. 2 Chris’s response to article written about me1997


August 11, 1998  (w/notes from August 27th) – Orrin Hatch & Salt Lake Tribune Interview p.2 p.3 p.4 p.5 p.6 p.7 p.8 p.9 p.10 p.11


Leaving Polygamy – My writing. There were hard times leaving polygamy, yet it was worth it!!  All my children made it out.  Prevention and specialized services for those leaving polygamy are still very much needed.


February 25, 2007  –  Tapestry Letter to Senator Reid Supporting Taskforce   p. 2 p.3 p.4

Tapestry Against Polygamy last press release p.2


May 9, 2009 – Jr. College  Sexual Selection of Hominids and Polygyny







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